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Oversize Load (1986)

Year: 1986
Genre: pre-condom, bareback, vintage, masturbation, oral, anal, group sex
Duration: 01:18:40
Director: Al Parker
Studio: Bijou Classics
Cast: Steve Taylor, Jesse Adams, Scott O’Hara, Jason Steele, Jeff Turk, Cody Steele, Ken Worth, Franco Gonnella

If the lure, the freedom, and the masculine drive of the wide-open highway, truckers, and rigs gets your juices flowing and makes you grab your stick shift, Oversize Load is for you. The guys are all on the rough and swarthy side, with a few real whopper cocks in the mix, most notably legendary Scott O’ Hara’s. There is lots of public sex, tea room, truck stop, and shower antics. They guys all are wear rugged gear: jeans, flannels shirts and boots. Oversize Load is signature Al Parker work complete with seedy locales, lots of oral action, and slow-motion cumshots.
In the first sex sequence, Jason Steele, Jesse Adams, and Steve Taylor engage in a threeway that starts with a wet, aggressive blowjob, Jesse going dong on Jason Steele. Jason Steele is a true daddy, and if you look up the word swarthy in Webster’s Dictionary you will find his picture. He has a nice-sized cock with a fleshy foreskin, and Jesse slobbers all over it, licking, sucking, and playing with the fleshy extra skin. There is lots of sexy moaning and a little dirty talk, then Steve Taylor joins them (not Al Parker’s lover but another man of the same name). Unfortunately with all that man-beef, some major ass-pounding would have been hot, but, alas, the scene remains all oral, with two magnificent cumshots on Jesse Adam’s hard, hot, and hairy chest. The cabin of Scott O’ Hara’s rig is the locale for the next scene, which starts off as a jackoff sequence where O’Hara gives meaning to the phrase love yourself! He truly makes love to his huge, fleshy, long, thick cock, playing with it, stroking it, slapping it against his stomach while wearing jeans, a plaid flannel shirt, and a baseball cap. Cody Steele, a circa 80s Castro clone comes in and sucks O’Hara’s massive dick, his mouth literally stuffed with all that meat. O’Hara kneels over Steele so he can tea-bag Scott’s big low hanging balls, then gets back to some major deep-throating action. The scene is predominately oral but ends up with a quick but awesome fuck, Steele taking O’Hara’s big fucker, big balls flopping all over his ass. The cumshot is slow-motion Al Parker cinematography, spunk sliming up both guy’s stomachs, pubes, and thighs. Scott O’Hara just cannot seem to get enough and teams up with Ken Worth in a port-a-potty, complete with graffiti and all. Ken Worth is a Malibu-Ken blond wannabe, has a nice handsome face and tight lithe body. He works hard to swallow O’Hara’s legendary endowment, but in the end does a stalwart job, that would make Linda Lovelace envious with his deep throat technique. In the tight confines of the cubicle, he gets his ass pounded with some nice close-up bareback action of Scott’s massive rock hard cock working in and out of his tight hole. The cum shots are slow-motion and impressive. The final sequence is a shower room in a truck stop. Franco Gonella sucks off Jeff Turk while insatiable Scott O’Hara watches in the mirror.

File size: 507 Mb
Format: AVI
Video: 480 x 320 (3:2), 29.970 fps
Audio: 44.1 kHz, MPEG Layer 3, 2 ch, ~120.00 kbps avg

File size: 507.7 MB