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Active Duty – Bi Barracks 4


Volume 4
Run Time: 2 Hours 3 Minutes

Scene 1
Dorian, Kota, Raven & Sky

Raven asks her man, Dorian, to spice up their sex life by allowing her friends to join in. He ends up on the receiving end of the deal and is “oh so grateful” that he gave in to her fantasy. They start the fun by getting naked in their hot tub with Raven’s horny guy friends, Sky and Kota. Kota asks Sky what he is thinking about and Sexy Sky stands up to reveal that his huge cock is rock hard. Raven smiles, strokes Sky’s shaft, and then teases it with her tongue ring. The party is on!

The horny foursome moves their sex party into the pool house. Dorian lies back on the bed and enjoys Sky’s sucking expertise. Raven strokes Kota’s throbbing meat as he massages her firm ass while they stand next to the bed watching. Then Kota climbs on board and sticks his dick in Dorian’s mouth. The three guys go at it as Raven watches, then she leans in to help Dorian suck off Kota. The sucking continues and there are lots of moaning and slurping noises as Kota deep throats Sky’s meat and Dorian tongues Raven’s clit. The sucking, licking, rimming and finger fucking get Raven really excited and she tells Sky that she wants him to fuck Dorian immediately. Sky obeys and shoves his hard cock in Dorian’s ass. Raven moans, “Yeah baby, take it”, and tells Dorian he can fuck her next.

After a long session of Dorian’s asshole getting pounded by Sky’s thick hard cock, Raven climbs up on Dorian and straddles him. She takes a double penetration with Kota behind her and Dorian underneath her. The fucking and sucking continue until Dorian pulls out and sprays his load all over her back! Then Sky moves in to fuck her while Kota licks Dorian’s cum off of her back. Sky pulls out quickly and Kota lays his head on Raven’s back while Sky shoots his load into Kota’s mouth. Finally, Kota fucks Raven and pulls out just in time for Raven to turn over so he could shoot his load all over her tits and face. Dorian tells Raven that he likes her friends!

Scene 2
Deanna, Damien & Cash

Deanna, Damien and Cash lay back on the bed giggling about how hot the room is about to get. They get naked and Cash dives in to nibble on Deanna’s nipples. Deanna returns the pleasure and leans in to suck Cash’s huge cock. Cash gets excited over the blowjob and starts to stroke Damien’s hunk of meat.

The heat is on as Deanna and Damien take turns sucking Cash off. They lick both sides of Cash’s stiff staff from the base up to the head and then tangle their tongues at the top. It is an incredible sight to see as Damien shows his hole off for the camera. Deanna tells Damien that they should have a contest to see who can take Cash’s cock deepest in their throat. Damien does a pretty good job but Deanna wins and gags it all the down her throat. Then Cash takes control and grabs Damien by the back of his head and shoves his face up and down on his hard shaft.

This room is smoking hot and Damien says, “I want to be the first to ride that cock.” So he climbs on top of Cash and rides his cock wildly. Deanna kisses Cash while he fucks Damien like a mad man! It is easy to see that three are entangled with excitement. As Cash finger fucks Deanna’s little pink pussy and slaps Damien’s muscular ass, Damien rides Cash’s cock and massages Deanna’s titties. Cash spreads Deanna’s pussy lips and shows the camera inside her pink wet slit. Deanna moans from the finger fucking. The temperature rises as Cash fucks Damien mercilessly.

Next, Cash gives Deanna her turn and rolls her over onto her back, and fucks her tight wet hole. It’s Damien’s turn again. He lays on his side and Cash pounds his steamy hole. Finally, Cash pulls out and Damien jacks out a huge load then rolls over and Cash shoots his enormous load onto Damien’s back. Afterward, the satisfied threesome talk about how fucking hot the sex was!

Scene 3
Roxy, Domenic & Kasey

Domenic and Kasey are two very sexy men. They are excited about Roxy, the hottie that is coming to join their sex bash. The beautiful, sexy blond with a perfect body comes walking in dressed in lacey white lingerie and the guys are obviously into her. They quickly get naked and Damien dives down to deep throat Kasey’s huge hunk of meat. While Kasey gets his rock-hard cock sucked off he eagerly massages Roxy’s pierced clit, fingers her little pink hole and sucks on her perky nipples.

The three continue to pleasure each other and the moans are proof of it. After the foreplay, Kasey climbs up and fucks Roxy doggy style. His cock is rock hard as it slides in and out of her tight young pussy. Domenic straddles Roxy and Kasey sucks his cock. They switch it up and Domenic climbs aboard Kasey for his turn. After a sexy three-way French kiss Kasey pulls his big pulsating cock out of Domenic’s tight hole and shoots a fat milky load all over his sexy abs. What a sight when Roxy straddles Kasey’s face while Domenic fucks her from behind. Her eyes roll back in her head as she gets her clit massaged by Kasey’s tongue and her pussy massaged by Domenic’s big cock. Domenic can’t take it any longer and pulls out and sprays his huge load all over her back. The sexy threesome sit back on the couch satisfied and promise to do it again soon!
Type: Bi-sexual MMF
File size: 1.8 GB

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