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Raging Stallion – Humongous Cocks 7

Country: US
Studio : Raging Stallion Studios
Cast: Rafael Alencar, Michael Brandon, Justin Christopher, Tom Vacarro, Rod Rockhard, Marcos Pirelli, Alex Corsi, Alexy Tyler, Eric Evans, Sean Storm, Brad Fletcher, Dylan Reece, Brett Prince
Director: Chris Ward, Michael Brandon

Legendary cocks from Raging Stallion scenes from Tailpipes, Bedroom Eyes, Packin’ Loads, Resort to Anything!, Hard at Work, and Party in the Rear.

Tailpipes – Justin Christopher and Alexy Tyler

Alexy is back to work fixing a motorcycle. His butt-crack gets the attention of Justin Christopher who approaches from behind. This all-oral scene is an impressive display of dick. Justin Christopher has one of the biggest, hardest dicks in porn and Alexy loves it. The dick sucking here is slow and intense. Alexy licks from the top of Justin’s dick to the balls and back again. Justin’s dick is massive and it probes the deepest reaches of Alexy’s throat. After licking and sucking and swallowing Justin’s huge dick, Alexy’s cock deserves some attention. Justin’s throat takes his turn getting stuffed. Justin worships Alexy’s dick. Alexy’s amazingly tight defined abs ripple underneath his tattoos as Justin consumes his dick. After a long suck session both men unload. Alexy covers Justin’s chest and Justin spills onto Alexy’s pecs.

Bedroom Eyes – Rafael Alencar, Alex Corsi and Marcos Pirelli

A massively endowed three-way describes this scene, featuring ever popular Rafael Alencar, Marcos Pirelli, and Alex Corsi. Alex, a man’s man from Milan, Italy towers as a monument to masculinity. His broad, hairy chest is irresistible, and his voluptuous ass is a magnet for any top for miles around! You gotta see him to believe it!

This scene, shot in a bright white loft space, is a study in art. The austerity of the surrounding set showcases the beauty of the three performers. Chris Ward has long wanted to shoot a scene on white. When offered an all white set he jumped at the chance. Add to this a great jazz track from J.D. Slater and the scene is set – top notch A-Gays fucking away in their natural environment! The results are spectacular.

Just as the other scenes in Bedroom Eyes are really many scenes in one, so too is this one. The action starts with Alex gagging on Rafael’s giant, 10+ inch cock. He then works on Marcos’s dick before taking both in his throat at the same time! It is too much and all three guys blow their first load! Then the fucking begins! Rafael starts off, plowing the way we like it here at Raging Stallion. That means a big, long cock, fucking from tip to root, in and out, non-stop with no end in sight! Alex loves it – he can take anything! Marcos fucks him in the face at the same time, a double-ended, overwhelming example of full body manipulation. When Marcos takes his turn on Alex’s rear, Rafael shoves his tool deep into Alex’s face. Rafael really does have one of the best dicks on earth – you can’t take your eyes off of it! We let the camera show it off big time – if you are a lover of beautiful cock, this scene is designed for you! After fucking Alex’s holes for what seems like hours, Rafael pulls out and drops a load of cum right next to and around Alex’s hole – really playing with danger on this one! Alex goes crazy as both he and Marcos shoot their loads.

Packin’ Loads – Rod Rockhard and Brad Fletcher

…A second Hayride scene sees black and white unite, in a great sequence that debuts the talents of two megastars in the making. Black Rod (aka Rod Hardon) and hunky white Fletcher are the dynamic duo dripping with raw sex appeal as we crash their party mid-coitus. Rod is tongue-fucking Fletcher before he sticks his massive black python all the way down his partner’s throat. (Gag reflex? What gag reflex?) The two indulge in a bit of “dipping” (anything to provoke controversy, eh?) and finger-fucking before the stretched Fletcher plays good dawgie and offers up his hole for a rapturous rupturing ride from Rod. Fletcher takes it like a man but Rod can give it even harder and this supercharged scene is so hot I was worried the bales of hay would combust. When Fletcher cums (with such a cry I thought he’d sprained something) it’s a joy to behold, and with Rod following suit it made me feel like it was Christmas Day all over again. And these two are both new? Wow. Welcome to Hollywood guys…

Resort to Anything! – Michael Brandon and Dylan Reece

…Michael Brandon goes to stay at a resort, and even though he can manage to concentrate on stroking his massive penis, he’s a little annoyed by the construction going on next door. It seems to be somewhat rectified when the ever-adorable Dylan Reece, here looking haler and buffer than he did before he left us for a spate, suddenly appears to take a break using Michael’s dick. Now, Dylan has proven his mettle with some of the hugest around, so it shouldn’t be any surprise that he has absolutely no problem pleasing every bit of Michael’s dick. So much so, in fact, that Michael’s whole body seems to quiver at times. There is no sign of getting winded, of tears in the eyes from stretching, it all just comes naturally to Dylan. Michael tries thrusting into him, and that doesn’t at all stop his smiling momentum. However, the success of this blowjob is not in the depth, but the style and trickery used by Dylan to keep Michael tense and wanting. Michael gets to use his mouth in prepping Dylan’s ass with a wonderful rim, splitting the hairless cheeks with his hearty tongue. The camera captures the rim very well, and then Michael starts what will be a hallmark of this video – a tease-fuck. The head seems to get in there, but really it’s not. It makes for great viewing, wondering when insertion will finally happen. The ensuing fuck turns up the energy about ten notches, as Michael has no qualms about fucking this ace bottom within an inch of his life. The fuck is shot on a staircase, and it seems as if Michael’s force is going to get them clear to the top of it by the end. However, Dylan is a clever bottom. He lets Michael get comfortable by swaying along with his rhythms, and then suddenly clamps his legs and butt solid so that Michael has to crash into him. This is when things are most effective. The intensity is superb. And, there is a surprise thrown in at the end of the scene when he is found fucking Michael. Because he doesn’t have a double-digit Brandon-size dick, he doesn’t get the thrust momentum of his predecessor, but it doesn’t stop him from giving Michael a very exciting pound. Dylan cums on Michael’s chest, and then Michael’s pops out a geyser of a shot that will be unequaled in this video…

Hard at Work – Tom Vacarro, Eric Evans, and Brett Prince

Watch as 2003 Man of the Year Tom Vacarro takes a call in order that quickly deteriorates into filthy phone sex. Eric Evans cums in from the shipping room looking better than ever. With the call-in customer hearing the whole thing, Tom Fucks Eric from one end of the studio to the other – you can practically hear their ripping muscles roiling under their taut skin! This hairy hunk sextravaganza sets the new standard in movies that feature all-masculine man sex – no other studio does it better than this.
DVD covers

When Tom and Eric cum all over the phone, you can practically feel the desperation on the other end of the line. After licking the spooge off the receiver, Tom gets ready to finish his phone order. To his depraved delight he discovers that the eager buyer lives only two blocks away! Still horny, he and Eric invite the panting customer to cum pick up his load of dirty movies. Blond new cummer Brett Prince must have run both blocks at the first hint of Tom’s enticing invitation – within 30 seconds he has two huge man dicks thrusting down his throat as he sucks for air (and a whole lot more). Eric blows a second load and then heads back to work, leaving Tom to plug up any loose ends. Tom literally devours blond boy Brett’s pucker, readying the silky smooth hole for a real drilling. Tom shines as never before as he thrusts his way through position after position before his throbbing nuts cream all over his own tight abs. Brett cums at the same time, an astounding climax for a first time movie star! Ahh…life at Raging Stallion Studios!

Party in the Rear – Michael Brandon and Sean Storm

So what do we do to out-do what we just did? How about bring together two guys who have wanted to work together for almost three years? Take Michael Brandon (porn’s number one giant cock man-fucker) and stick him with Sean Storm (porn’s number one bottom pig filthy slut hole) and what do you get? How about the best fucking this side of anywhere? These guys were so eager to work together that we overlooked the fact that Sean has become a poster boy for bareback cum deliveries. We don’t go the full bareback route here, but we do let Michael fuck the snot out of that young upstart! And if he can’t take Michael’s huge load up one hole, then he can take it down another. When the scene concludes, so much cum goes down Sean’s hungry throat that he had to skip dinner for two days! Fill ’em up and slurp it down!

Length: 1.75 GiB Duration: 2h 31mn 9s 482ms
Video: AVC at 1 493 Kbps, Aspect: 720 x 432 (1.500) at 29.912 fps
Audio: AAC at 164 Kbps, Infos: 2 channels, 48.0 KHz

File size: 1.7 GB

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