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Tokyo-Hot n0055 Meat Urinal 3 – Kasumi Matsumura

The wonderful slut starred again for TOKYO-HOT to which hardness had improved much. KASUMI MATSUMURA who is super lewd slut and has amorous body. It will be crime that she has such amorous pheromone even still 19 years old. Moreover, her whole body is sexual sensitive point. Shouting at the toy play ! Screaming at the fucking !! Please enjoy our third series of Meat Urinal with much excitement. The “TOKYO-HOT Corp.” that the woman who graduated from an English department of Lewd Women’s Junior College entered finding employment ahead. It is a trading company that grows up rapidly at the height of own power though it is a company that has just been still established. KASUMI was pulled the good condition as salary and the treatment and she receives the first interview. Though KASUMI answered quickly for the sharp question of interviewers and proceeded to second interview, but hard trial waited KASUMI who wants to work at the Secretary division. The manager and section chief of the personal division started body check and KASUMI became naked as they asked. It is necessary to exceed a lot of obstacles to become a secretary of the executive. When two brute start to check her pussy condition to using their finger, KASUMI utter big pant voice and was agonized. They inspect the condition of the anus hole because director doesn’t satisfy it only by the pussy. The female ejaculation was confirmed at the end and the first trial is exceeded. However, the condition of pussy and anus is not confirmed fully by the finger only. After all, it is necessary to confirm the pussy with the toy. Therefore, the second trial is the examination to check goodness of her reaction and the strength degree with a lot of toys. When they begin to blame the pussy and anus by the vibs toy, it is on parade of the writhe and the screaming of KASUMI who became M-leg posture. The pussy and anus are thoroughly anatomized as condition of the tight by the test tube, extension of oral by the muddler and so on. The uterine ostium is shown by the illuminator speculum at the end of the toy blame. Please enjoy real pleasure to be able to see meat wall on the super close up. Anyway, the reaction to which screaming of KASUMI is must see. The third trial is the fellatio and hand rub service to have to satisfy the director’s demand at anytime. The personnel division everyone is large satisfied for the fellatio play of the KASUMI who struggle against three cocks. It is the passing grade that how to manage the semen after mouthful cum shot. It is not possible to work for the secretary division when holding feelings are bad no matter how the condition of the crotch is good. The fourth trial is SEX. It is natural matter that secretary use pill and pessary regularly when make a fuck. Of course it is vaginal cum shot because the contraceptive is done. Then, the director confirms the condition of her pussy by his cock. The fucking starts from Doggie back posture at the sofa in the interview room, the thick cock inserted violently at the backward/face to face sitting posture and she starts screaming while dishevel her body. Poking moderately at the standing back posture, then it is intertwining of the meat and meat at the back and mountain back posture on the floor. When entered into missionary posture, KASUMI got acme several times and starts large screaming. The manager put his cock off before his ejaculation and section chief stab his cock into anus of KASUMI who is shouting “I can’t do more” and made sperm shot into anus. The director who gets excited because he sees it puts his cock in again and made facial cum shot. The junior comes in at the end and made vaginal cum shot. To confirm the situation of semen in the vagina, it was checked by the Sakurai Speculum. Semen of inside already seems to have been sucked up. How awful thing! The end is pasted the label of “Meat Urinal” and is a storm of thick starchy semen by the employee. Please erect to KASUMI who is the expression of the ecstasy and exposed in semen. As an extra, there is the “PISS SHOT” scene by the two angles. The appearance where piss scatters to the screen is a masterpiece. After all, TOKYO HOT Corp. is cruel company that employee doing all as they want to do and made Meat Urinal for the woman who wanted enter to the company. However, is it only me that wants to become an employee in this company?

Format: Matroska
Duration: 01:24:14.467
Video: XviD 1064 Kbps 640×480 4:3 23.976 fps
Audio: MP3 64.0 Kbps CBR 2 channels 48.0 KHz
File size: 693.7 MB

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