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[3D Sex Game] The Sims 2 Emmanuelle

Sims 2: Emmanuel – a real breakthrough in the history of the Sims games. Although the previously addons player had to see explicit sex scenes, they are confined to bed and whirlpool in which Sims used “traditional” position. In the game, “Emmanuel” was first created a full animation sex scenes. 5 new beautifully rendered poses, several positions for oral sex, anal animation act, masturbation – it’s not the whole list of innovations that have made sex in igrenastoyaschim art. So manhood in the game – no more useless item – a “working” part of the body, which can be controlled by changing the size, color, and the degree of excitation … And what are the existing sex toys that can be taken in hand and easily apply! Of special note showers, which due to the large feature set of Sims can spend many hours, indulging in amorous pleasures. And finally, a huge collection of buildings, furniture, clothing and various accessories from Southeast Asia Vvostochnoy make this game a real gem in the collection of any simomana.
In the game:
– 2 new neighborhood – and Bangkog Delhi
– 5 new territories
– 11 new lots
– 15 new characters
– A collection of TV programs from the film “Emmanuel”
– Asian Collection of clothes and underwear
– A collection of furniture made of bamboo
– Thai ornaments and lights
– Special furniture and showers with a “sexy” features, allowing Sims to use a variety of postures and forms of sex
– Sex toys and accessories
DVD version of the game includes a Seb, as a bonus, the film “Emmanuel” and also songs from the movie.
In addition, the expansion pack includes all the lots, clothes, items, and changes from the previous add-ons.

File size: 1.3 GB

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