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Sexy beach 3 Plus

Sexy Beach 3 Plus is the expansion to Sexy Beach 3. It adds on two new characters and several new features. If the player has a Sexy Beach 3 game which has progress, it can be loaded on the expansion.
Illusions have added additional items to their background scenes such as chairs and boats. These items are used to support the characters sexual positions. A set of sexual CGI image are added in its own CGI section.

Additional options were added to modify the character. When the player achieves four hearts he can change the characters hair color. At five hearts the player recieves additional sex options in the position which use to only have oral sex. These options include mammary intercourse, the 69 position, and foot job. When applying lotion on five hearts, the female character has a bent over position. To achieve all sexual positions the player must continuously have sex with the female character at five hearts. After all the positions are achieved by the player he gains a star under the female characters heart counter with the words clear. This indicates that the player has recieved an sexual CGI Image.

Two whitening lotions has also been added. More clothing also has been added and the player is able to change the female characters eye pupil color.
New Characters

Sexy Beach 3 Plus adds two new characters

Bael Altarus

Bael is a woman from Des Blood 4 with short, blue hair. She also manages the Illusions hotel resort.

Maya Kitamoto

Maya is a short hair brunette girl

Fei (Special Bonus Character)
File size: 650.4 MB

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