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What Friends Are For

Director Roland Dane’s “What Friends Are For” is about the desire one man has for another to attend his sex party.
The action starts at a gym brimming with adorable bunnies. Robert Kern, so sexy in his clear-eyed brunet looks, has his eye on Johnny Huzosh, tattooed on both arms and so blondly cute, so he invites him to a sex party at his house. Johnny quickly turns him down, but Robert doesn’t want to give up. So, he sends big-eared hottie Gabor Szeles to figure him out in the sauna. Johnny admits to “different feelings,” and wants to know what cock tastes like. If he hasn’t tasted it before, he’s certainly fantasized, because this kid sucks a mean cock! He slurps up Gabor whole, with a mix of speeds and good hand usage. Ultra professional Gabor goes down next, working very well on Johnny’s meaty piece and floppy balls. Gabor then sits on Johnny’s long dick and bounces up and down with total force, treating the newbie to a very good anal session at a very swift pace. Gabor bottoms with excellence, but when Johnny takes over and fucks Gabor in a variety of positions, he takes back the thunder. He’s a strong top, deep and penetrating with lots of energy. Johnny has a clean spill on Gabor’s back and then Gabor has a big one to follow. Gabor invites him to the party again and this time he accepts.

Genres: oral, anal sex, rimming, cumshots
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