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Fistinchen – Scat Stuffed Vagina

The video begins with the miss unknown lying on a bed with a bit of paper towel to her side. She undresses, masturbates for a bit. Then poops a large pile into a paper towel. She spreads her vagina and slides the ball of poo into her vagina.

Miss unknown then wipes her bum and vagina with a antibacterial wipe, puts her pants and top back on, and walks around for a bit in lets just say ‘a state of pleasure’.

later she arrives in the kitchen. she pulls out a smoke, sits on the edge of the kitchen sink, and masturbates some more. eventually she begins to push out the load shes carrying inside and rubs in into herself.

Actors: Unknown
Format: MPG
Length: 28:18
size: 282MB
File size: 282.4 MB

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