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The Power Vagina – Extreme Piercing and Fisting

The Powervagina is a true global sensation! This must be seen – have a vagina, the strength-training makes! Mega-Extreme has here a unique sensation in the program, with the strongest of the vagina World.
Petra has trained and practiced for years until she managed to All 28 kilograms, with their pierced lips move to the level and thus be able to run it too! With a hard domineering sound the submissive slave girl Petra gets some statements from her master – than she´ll show him her powervagina in action.

The slave is firmly tied to a crane and the arms raised so that she stays stretched with her legs in front of the masters – he is packing his “toolbox” and took out his toys for the Powervagina:

15 cm long meat hooks and a lot of piercing rings! These are used on the horny slave pussy as jewelry or piercing appropriate! With the meat hooks he´s hangs on the heavy weights on the Imtim-rings of the slave pussy! The absolute sensation for fans of heavy genital piercing sex-games!

The Powervagina is titled “The strongest vagina of the world “! Weights on the pussy with a decent length of around 15 cm! In this edition there are included 3 hours of the best highlights from the Powervagina! For example also a full can of cola can disappear in her ass – and the her power asshole loves it very well! Double anal fisting / penetration is also no problem for the Powervaginas heavy cunt!

Also the sound of cow bells which she´s ringing with pussy is genious! Iincredibly crazy sex games are dominated by the strongest vagina in the world in The Powervagina – 3 hours highlights! The complete 3 hours Highlights compilation from the Powervagina is real world sensation and a must have for every genital piercing fan!

Genres: bdsm
File: wmv

File size: 1.6 GB

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