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[3D Sex Game] The Transworld of Beauty and Fetish

Release : Apr/16/2011

* Otoko no ko (crossdressing) hentai game!
Utterly stunning 3D rendered fetish boys in girl’s clothes.

* Over 50 characters / Fully voiced!!! *
Includes a dozen voice actors/actresses including ero
top names like Kurumi Miru, Milk Satou, Aya Kuchitani!

* IMMENSE quality ADV erotic game *

Explore the gender-blended orgy of shemales with glorious breasts, teeny
twinks in corsets, amazingly detailed new half ladies, hot transsexuals…

7 rooms to explore your hidden love of cock femmes.
Girls clothes, otoko no ko, princess/queen, masochist, anal, oral, strap-on,
reverse anal, hair extensions, nympho, orgy, more…
File size: 496.8 MB

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