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The Seduction of a College Freshman

Online review:

Hooray for the dirty old man. The narrator pays supposedly straight guys-supposedly college guys this time-to jack themselves and each other. Sometimes they do more. There’s lots of talk about “pussy,” and “doing this for the first time.” Straight porn plays offscreen, with the sound of women screaming. It’s harmless fun and makes for sexy, sleazy scenes.

He sometimes stars one guy. Here, it’s blond Pee Wee, who’s playful while stripping. His “best buddy,” Wyatt, is surly. Wyatt has nothing to hide. His large cock looks beautiful in its reddish-brown bush. When he squats on a mirror, he shows juicy purple hole. Pee Wee’s hole is pinker and very wet. They jack side by side. Pee Wee fondles Wyatt’s ass and dick and goes down on him. Wyatt clutches a football and scowls.

Impish surfer Spike has a tight little body and a stubby dick that grows to a nice handful. It’s an ass-full for Pee Wee, too, once Spike finishes insisting that he only fucks females. He lets the narrator and Pee Wee jack him. Pee Wee sucks his cock, then condoms him and goes on all fours to get fucked, not very successfully. They jack their wads.

Tall jock Cowboy “doesn’t play,” but lets Pee Wee jack him some. He hasn’t much dick, and takes forever getting hard, but cums gallons.

Skinny high-school senior Jay barely has pubic hair, but has all the cut cock a man could ask for. Squatting on the mirror, he shows wrinkled, pale pink anus that’s all any cock could ask for. But he just jacks beside Pee Wee. They both blow great loads.

Rangy Speedy hops right into mutual jacking, lets Pee Wee deep-throat the biggest dick in the movie, and falls right down to sixty-nine, then spreads in several positions to get fucked. Unfortunately, he doesn’t get to stick his dick in Pee Wee, but he jacks a lot of semen from it with both fists, then lends Pee Wee a hand.

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