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Underland 2

Underland 2:
Video length: 43 min
Video size: 427 MB

Description: In part one of Underland, when a beautiful porno shop sales clerk mysteriously vanishes, her desperate sister goes to a psychic for help. The powerful mystic soon discovers that Kate’s sister Kelly has somehow slipped into another dimension known as the Underland, a shadow world inhabited by masked fiends skilled in the flaying of female flesh for some purpose not fully understood.

Through the use of a crystal ball, Kate witnesses the unspeakable torment of her sister along with another hapless beauty. The median suggests she attempt to contact Kelly directly through the crystal ball, but in order to carry out the dangerous psychic feat she must be strapped down to prevent her from injuring herself or others. Tightly bound and gagged, Kate takes a frightening sensory ride to the other side. There she witnesses more of her sisters excruciating punishment and humiliation in intimate detail. But the experience is too much for poor Kate, who begins bucking madly in convulsions and is taken to a mental ward for emergency treatment.

Now in part two of Underland, troubled Kate is treated by Dr. Lombardo, a seemingly mild mannered staff psychiatrist. Put at ease by his kindly demeanor and gentile prodding, Kate opens up about what she saw during her psychic journey to the Underland. Unfortunately for poor Kate, Dr. Lombardo is all too familiar with the Underland. After Kate describes her ordeal to the good Doctor, he shape-shifts into a disgusting lumpy headed humanoid creature. As Kate sits there stunned, the beast promptly sprouts a 3 foot tenticular appendage and it appears the Doctor is as amorous as he is ugly. As two tendrils shoot from the beast’s crotch, binding Kate’s wrists and choking her into submission, Kate wonders if she has lost her mind. Maybe she never really left the Underland at all…

File size: 427.8 MB

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