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Tricked into Bondage

Year: 2004
Country: USA
Genre: BDSM
Length: 1:25:00

Studio: Imago Studios

Starring: Katarina Wilski, Molly Bronte, Dina Davis, Paulene Heinlein,
Holly Everson, Salem Williams, Belle Sagonis & Jasmine Martinez

Description: This video features eight damsels in five tales of girls being tricked into allowing themselves to be tied up! They think it is all in good fun, but by the time they realize their binders have other motives … it is too late – they are helplessly bound and no longer in control!

Molly and Katarina wrangle over the same boyfriend, Dina Davis suffers for her poor memory, Jasmine and Belle struggle to make the rent, Holly and Paulene debate the merits of a new car, and Salem is punished by a vindictive co-worker. Each of our damsels is securely bound, gagged, and taunted by her tormenter … but some of our ladies manage to turn the tables on their captors!

Besides the usual tight bondage and energetic struggling, the animated dialogue between captors and captives is a highlight of this video. Enjoy!

Video Quality: VHSrip
Video Format: rm

Video: RealVideo 4 320×240 29.97fps 385kbps [Output 01 (video / x-pn-multirate-realvideo logical stream)]
Audio: RealAudio COOK 44100Hz mono 64.1 Kbps [Output 00 (audio / x-pn-multirate-realaudio logical stream)]

File size: 278.3 MB

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