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Black Men Gangbang Interracial Sex. Yuka Ohsawa. Japanese Squirting Pussy ( DVDRip 2011 )

Yuka Ohsawa surrounded by black dudes opens the first scene of this movie. The guys started to massage and grope her then different vibrators and massagers are used to fondle her pussy until she squirts her juice. After that, they fingered her pussy and let her suck their big black cocks and the horny dudes take turn fucking her and unloading their cum on her face. In the next scene, massagers are used to fondle Yuka’s pussy while until she squirts her juice while few Asian guys are holding her. A vibrator is attached on her pussy while she gives blowjobs to some guys who unload their warm cum on Yuka’s face. Watch her fuck another dude in the next scene and see her squirt some more.

Models : Yuka Ohsawa

Duration: 01:50:37
Filesize: 1166.95 MB
VIDEO: [WMV2] 640×480 24bpp 1000.000 fps 1500.0 kbps (183.1 kbyte/s)
AUDIO: 44100 Hz, 2 ch, s16le, 64.0 kbit/4.54% (ratio: 8003->176400)

File size: 1.1 GB

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