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Jesse Jane: Erotique

Straight, Jesse Jane, Digital Playground

Synopsis: Adult’s most acclaimed director teams up with its freshest young talent,ias Nic Andrews presents Jesse Jane: Erotique,ia hot all-sex movie starring Digital Playground’s newest sensation: the sexy and sultry Jesse Jane!!!

Jesse Jane is one of the adult rising stars that is undoubtedly destined to go down in porn history as one of the businesse’s most unique and sexy stars. Digital Playground has once again launched a high budget epic, this one is called Jesse Jane: Erotique.

No plot here, just a series of highly stylized vignettes. Shot in and around wealthy locations, the upper mystique is emphasized by a new age soundtrack composed by Derik Andrews. Swooping camera pans, tilts, zooms and rack focuses create an atmosphere that is not of this earth.

The film opens with a speeding motorcycle along numerous desolate roads, depicted through various camera angles, and POV shots. Curiosity is sparked as the leather clad crotch rocketeer advances towards an unknown destination. Finally arriving at some kind of auto shop, the biker is greeted by the now short haired, tattooed Belladonna. Cinematically removing the helmet, our biker mystery man is actually a woman, Jesse Jane. Subsequently the two engage in extremely hot lesbian sex, around and on the motorcycle.

Each scene is faded into the next. Nice editing makes the transition from each setting seamless. The sex is intercut with different stars playing with themselves and doing their best to emulate their favorite strippers movements. One particular vignette exhibits Jesse Jane dancing in front of a vintage automobile. Corny beat driven music adds to the ridiculousness of Janes contrived sexuality. A wink to the camera and a slap to her own ass repeatedly seems more fitting in a Warrant video than it does in an adult film.

One of my favorite scenes explores the anonymity aspect of sexual encounters. In a room full of masked swingers reminiscent of Kubricks Eyes Wide Shut, Jesse Jane is introduced via a nice establishing tracking shot, that trails the sexy Jane as she surveys the festivity. Her long trek is concluded when she approaches a timid, masked man who sits uncomfortably atop a table. Without a moments hesitation, she begins to suck the man’s cock. Masked observers watch as Jane begins to ride the man. Her giant boobs bounce up and down with each pelvic decent.

The final scene is much better than the previous ones. Jesse Jane masturbates in a bed shortly before being taken on by Mark Wallace. Wallace munches on Jane pussy vigorously. Soon he fucks Jane every which way before unleashing between her massive mounds.

Also worth mentioning is a cool behind the scenes feature that offers up some comical editing effects as well as showing the star’s most candid moments. Erotique, despite a couple tedious, in between scene moments, is worth adding to any Adult Film fans collection.

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