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Straight Fraternity: Gay Truth Or Dare (Military Gay Chicken)

It’s a military battle with Luke (Army), Dane (Marines) & Aiden (Navy) going for the Gay Gold. These guys do things they’ve NEVER done before and shoot 3 hot loads doing them. For this edition of Gay Chicken, we played it like Truth or Dare since we had 3 guys. The top 2 guys get to fuck my friend Autumn. But first, the guys have to undress each other and get a gay lap-dance. Next, Dane and Luke have to go cock to cock while getting into the same pair of sweat pants. Luke gets his big cock stroked by Aiden, then Dane and Luke are bumping dick again as they oil each other up without using any hands. Next Luke get to lick Aiden’s toes and worship his big feet. It’s not something he gets to do everyday. Dane gets up close and personal with Aiden as Aiden gives him a tongue massage. First Dane and Aiden stroke each other, then Aiden gives Luke an oily ass massage before Luke and Dane french kiss. That’s quite a mouthful. Dane get a ‘mushroom stamp’ and a good ass-kissing. Who can put their finger the farthest up their own ass? I thought you’d never ask. Next Aiden gets a slow blow-job from Luke before the guys gear up for the jack-off race. It’s down to the wire and the winners of the jack-off race will get to fuck the girl. Three loads are shot, but who is the loser? Watch and find out!
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